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Initial Configuration

To make the most of the AI WP plugin, configure it as per your content requirements :

  1. Go to settings page : From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to AI WP on the side menu and click on “settings“.
  1. Connect your account : On the settings page, you’ll find fields to input your ‘Email‘ and ‘API Key‘. Enter the credentials provided upon purchasing or registering for the plugin. This step is crucial to link your AI WP plugin with its AI capabilities and features.
  1. Global settings : Below the login credentials, you’ll find sections to configure your content campaign.
    • Editor : Select the editor you prefer for your website. (Currently, only Gutenberg is supported.)
    • Languages : Select the language in which you create your content. (Currently, only French and English are supported.)
    • Context : This feature enables you to provide the AI with specific details about your website and business, allowing for more precise and tailored output.
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