Generate your first content

Generate content proposals

After adding your topics, it’s time to see the AI in action. Dive in to transform keywords into compelling content suggestions.

  1. Navigating to the Posts Tab:
    • After logging into your WordPress dashboard and accessing the AI WP plugin, head over to the campaign tab named “Posts”.
    • Inside this tab, you’ll find the keyword that was added during the previous step.
  2. Initiating Content Generation:
    • Locate the topic you want generate content.
    • Click on “Generate titles”.
generate title

  1. Monitoring the Progress:
    • Upon clicking, a loader or progress bar will appear on the screen. This is an indicator that the AI WP plugin is working to generate content proposals for the specified topic.
    • Patiently wait for the loader to complete. It’s important not to close or navigate away from the page during this process.
title loading end
  1. Reviewing Proposals:
    • Once the loading is complete, the AI WP plugin will present you with three distinct content proposals for the topic you’ve chosen.
    • Review these proposals and decide which one aligns best with your content goals. You can either choose one of the suggestions or use them as inspiration to create a unique piece.
title generated