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Add Topics

The addition of topics is a pivotal step in tailoring the AI-generated content to match your specific needs. Each topics serves as a content directive, ensuring that the articles, posts, or pages produced align with the chosen themes or subjects. The more specific and relevant your topics, the better the AI can craft content that suits your website and audience.

How to Add Topics:

  1. Access Your Campaign’s Keyword Section: From the “Campaigns” page, click on the campaign you’ve created. This will take you to a detailed view of your campaign. Navigate to the ‘Topics‘ tab, (see screenshot).
  2. Add Your Topics:
    • In the “Add Topics” section, you will find a text box.
    • Type your desired topic into this box.
    • Once typed, press ‘Enter‘ or click outside the box. The topic will then be added below in a tagged format, showcasing it’s been successfully added.
    • You can continue adding multiple keywords in a similar fashion.
    • Each topic can be considered as a main keyword from an SEO point of view.
add keywords to campaign

Considerations for Adding Topics:

  • Relevance: Ensure your topics are relevant to the content you wish to generate. They should represent the main themes or topics you aim to cover.
  • Specificity: While general topics can offer broad content proposals, specific topics can help in generating niche or detailed content.
  • Limit: The platform allows you to add up to 5 topics per campaign.