Save your time, enhance your blogging

AI WP is a WordPress plugin that offers you a different way of looking at content creation.

Save time

Focus only on high-value-added steps. Le AI handle content creation.

By automating the generation of SEO-optimized content, AI WP enables users to focus on strategic, creative aspects of their digital presence, rather than getting bogged down in the time-consuming process of writing and optimization.

Be guided

We collaboratively guide you through each step

The AI WP plugin methodology is designed to work hand-in-hand with your unique needs and objectives. From initial installation to the final content creation, AI WP is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, ensuring that each content aligns with your goals and vision.

Get Quality

Insist on excellence for your content.

Utilizing AI WP, which leverages AI for precise understanding and adaptation to your context, ensures that your content is not only well-crafted but also SEO-optimized and customized to meet your specific objectives.

Ride the wave of AI, intelligently in your business.

Artificial Intelligence may not be the optimal solution for direct sales. However, it excels in providing high-quality content about your company and products to your audience.

AI WP Features

AI WP Plugin brings you the AI’s features you need for optimal SEO.

As AI plugin WordPress, AI WP redefines content creation, offering seamless integration with WordPress.

Automated Blogging

Launch impactful content campaigns effortlessly. Set up campaigns, choose your topic, and let AI WP auto-generate and publish tailored content.

WooCommerce AI

Generate the perfect description for your product pages and categories with just one click, and instantly improve the on-page SEO of your e-commerce section.


Leverage the best of your content with automatic generation of SEO meta tags, integration, and customized SEO audits.

Templating with Gutenberg

With our Gutenberg templating system, you can endlessly customize the blog articles that AI will generate.

Automated blogging, how it works?

AI WP Initialization

1. Initialization of the plugin

Install the plugin and adjust the settings according to your target audience, and create Gutenberg block templates.

Create AI WP blogging campaign

2. Create content campaign

Create a campaign for each theme you want to address. Organize the publication dates according to the desired frequency for your content and let the AI do the work. You can initiate the generation of up to 12 articles at the same time.

Validate AI WP Work

3. Validate the AI’s work

Check the content and modify it if you wish. The meta descriptions and meta titles have been optimized, and you can also generate for this article.

See the progress

4. Increase your brand awareness and your search engine position

The final step in utilizing AI WP is the scheduling or publishing of your content.  Let AI’s content helps in establishing your brand as an authority in your field, building trust and credibility with your audience.

Operates in synergy with your SEO plugin.


Join the AI revolution

Discover the perfect AI WP plan that fits your WordPress use. Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, our pricing is designed to match your needs and budget.

Plan Free

Try our free blog post generator today !


Try it for free
  • 1 Installation : Get AI WP up and running on one site.
  • 500 Tokens
  • 2 Articles* : to discover the power of AI WP
  • Gutenberg Editor Required

Plan Starter

Ideal for freelancers and small businesses looking to harness the power of AI in their content strategy.

$9.90 /month

Start now
  • 1 Installation : Get AI WP up and running on one site.
  • 2.5K Tokens /Month : Ample tokens to cater to your content needs.
  • 10 Articles /Month* : Consistent content to keep your audience engaged.
  • Support 7/7
  • Gutenberg Editor Required

Plan Pro

Most Popular

Perfect for growing businesses and agencies aiming for a robust content solution.

$29.90 /month

Start now
  • 5 Installations : Deploy AI WP on 5 WordPress sites.
  • 7.5K Tokens /Month : More tokens for extensive content campaigns.
  • 30 Articles /Month* : Fuel your content strategy with regular posts.
  • Support 7/7
  • Gutenberg Editor Required
  • Early access to beta features

Plan Business

The ultimate choice for enterprises and large agencies seeking a comprehensive content solution.

$69.90 /month

Start now
  • Unlimited Installations : Freedom to deploy AI WP wherever you need.
  • 20K Tokens /Month : Massive token allowance for large-scale operations.
  • 80 Articles /Month* : Massive content creation possibility
  • Priority Support 7/7
  • Gutenberg Editor Required
  • Early access to beta features
(*): Restrictions are based on token limit only. The number of articles is an estimate, based on the tokens for a 1000-word article (1000 words on a blog = ~ 250 tokens)


ChatGPT Plus




User seats


Time for 1 blog post

2 min
40 min
48 hours

Blog Post Automation

WooCommerce IA Integration

Coming (very) soon

Gutenberg Templating

Yoast Integration

RankMath Integration

SEOPress Integration

AIOSEO Integration

What do our current beta testers think?

Let them speak for us.

Since we incorporated AI WP into our e-commerce platform, the transformation has been astounding. As artisan chocolatiers, our forte lies in crafting distinctive chocolates. However, we faced challenges in conveying our message effectively online.

Basile & Tea Founders
Basile & Tea
CEO at Basile & Tea

Few words from the CEO

The story behind AI WP

As an e-tailer, I quickly realized that creating relevant content for my site was both crucial and extremely time-consuming. I needed a solution that would allow me to focus on my passion, without sacrificing the quality of online content. That’s when I used my skills to develop AI WP, a solution designed to solve this problem not just for me, but for all site owners.

Cyril Salvi